International Childhood Cancer Data Partnership


USA - University of Chicago, Pediatric Cancer Data Commons, Regulatory and Data Governance Consultant

Suzi Birz leads the legal and regulatory efforts for the University of Chicago’s Data for the Common Good (D4CG).
D4CG is dedicated to building communities, platforms, and ecosystems that maximize the potential of data to drive discovery and improve human health. D4CG’s flagship project, the Pediatric Cancer Data Commons, is structured around disease consortia. 
Ms. Birz works with each one to establish the consortium via the execution of a memorandum of understanding, establish an executive committee, and adopt policies guiding the operations of the consortium. She works with data contributors to execute data contributor agreements, and following the approval of a research project, with investigators to execute data use agreements.

In her D4CG role, she leads the activation and operations of the Scientific Advisory Committee, the External Advisory Board, and the AYA Research Council. 

Prior to her work with D4CG, she helped several health care organizations meet patient privacy regulations.

November 7 – 11.40 – 12.40am

Session: Roundtable – Discussing legal challenges for data sharing and initiatives to address them

Role: Discussant

November 7 – 2.30 – 3.45pm

Session: Workshop #3 Data Governance & Data Exchange – Session 1 

Role: Discussant

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