International Childhood Cancer Data Partnership

Jacqueline CLAVEL

France - INSERM

Jacqueline Clavel, MD, PhD is research professor at Inserm and has devoted most of her research to the development of epidemiological research on childhood cancers.

One of her main areas of research aims to improve knowledge of childhood cancer risk factors, and has contributed to document the role of environmental, genetic, perinatal and lifestyle risk factors.
A growing part of her research is devoted to the long-term epidemiological follow-up of childhood cancer survivors.
The development of infrastructures capable of providing standardized and quality-controlled information on a national and comprehensive basis has been crucial to this area of research. 

With her team, she  created the National registry of childhood cancer and then the Childhood Cancer Observation Platform, which complements the registry with several databases, in particular the national COHOPER cohort of all patients diagnosed since 2000.
The field  can now rely on invaluable data from tens of thousands of children.

November 7 – 4pm – 5-15pm

Session: Workshop #2 Interoperability – Session 2

Role: Discussant

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